• {647912}, March 8th – 21th
    170 Suffolk Street – New York
    Open everyday from 11am to 8pm

    170 Suffolk Street will be, in March, the place for a yet unseen kind of exhibition. Presented by the Parisian Gallery L’Inlassable and curated by the artist Edgar Sarin, {647912} will array thirteen artists during thirteen days as a proposition in the way space and works of art organically interact. The gallery space will be divided in two parts – two walls – appointed as The Crowd and The Mirror. The Crowd empanels a simple geometric composition of the thirteen pieces. Each day, one artwork will be selected from The Crowd and staged on the opposite wall: The Mirror. Therefore, throughout the exhibition, all the works will be emphasized individually on The Mirror. If you mull over the recondite series of bracketed digits {647912}, do remember it is a ciphered code that can be unravelled by clues provided in The Antechamber of the Radiant Substance, a contemporary periodical specially published by Edgar Sarin. Once deciphered, {647912} unveils the location of the exhibition’s relic, hidden somewhere in New York City for this event. Carefully interlocked, {647912} will display works by Marcella Barceló, Stephen Dean, Anne Deleporte, David Dixon, Sol LeWitt, René Magritte, Simon Martin, Gaspard Maîtrepierre, Vik Muniz, Edgar Sarin, Reinhard Voss and Jeannie Weissglass and Zach Bruder Glen Grainger.